ADMISSIONS POLICY - The Local Authority has the final decision regarding all admissions to our school.

Essex County Council is responsible for all admissions to our school and allocate places according to their Admissions Policy. There is no guarantee of a place for children living in the priority admissions area. In the event of over-subscription places will be allocated using the following criteria in the order given:

1. Looked After Children and previously looked after children (as defined on page 14 of the Primary Education in Essex 2018/2019 booklet)

2. Children with a sibling attending the school

3. Other children living in the priority admissions area

4. Remaining applications

In the event of over-subscription within any of the above criteria, priority will be determined by straight line distance from home to school, those living closest being given the highest priority.

Exceptional medical circumstances (supported by medical evidence) may override the above criteria.

There is an induction programme to welcome and familiarise children with the school.

If you require further information please contact:

The School Planning & Admissions, Schools, Children and Families Directorate, Essex County Council, PO Box 4261, Chelmsford, CM1 1GS

Telephone: 0845 6032200