School Council 

The School Council meets with Miss MacGregor and they are very much involved in making decisions for the school. The School Council members feedback to their classes and share what has been discussed.  Each class is represented by two children, elected by the class. 

At the start of each academic year two children from each of the classes in Years 1 to 6 are elected to represent the class on the School Council. It is their responsibility to meet with their own class and to record any matters that their peers are pleased with and also any issues that they would wish to bring to the Council for discussion.

The Year 6 representatives chair each meeting and minutes are recorded.  The minutes are circulated to each class.  The School Council also helps the Headteacher and other staff to decide on which charities they will support during the school year and, of course, they discuss other important issues. They are consulted on their views of the school and their thoughts on the year as a whole. The Council are also consulted on their views on various topics and these, where they are appropriate, are included in school policies.  They take part in looking at children's work from across the school.  They have discussed how they are following our Presentation Policy and what they need to improve.

When it is necessary, the School Council run fund raising events to enable them to purchase any equipment that they may wish to acquire for the benefit of the school.