Go Wild Day!

 To say congratulations to all of the children for their hard work so far this year, we celebrated with an animal themed science day.  Every pupil dressed up as an animal and took part in an extravaganza of activities in the hall throughout the day.  Children enjoyed the petting corner where they handled guinea pigs, chickens, ducks, a rabbit and an African land snail.  They made masks and puppets and drew and labelled the exotic pink frogs and grasshoppers (who usually live in Little Scarlet Class).  Everyone enjoyed looking at bugs using the microscopes on the laptops and it was a real treat to have all of our grown ups sharing the day with us too.  Lots of children were able to classify animals into their different groups and we also played games, completed puzzles and matched animals to their country of origin on the huge map of the World.

We were very happy to have some visitors from Kimmy's zoo!  The ladies talked to us and asked lots of questions about the creatures that they brought along.  We met meerkats, an armadillo, a skunk, an enormous millipede, a tree frog, a tarrantula and a chameleon!  

Later in the day a farrier came and showed us all how to put new shoes on the horse.  It was a truly fun and fascinating day.  Some of the children enjoyed bug hunting and used the nature area to have a go at some pond dipping.  Well done to all of the children as you were very sensible, polite and well behaved whilst enjoying this super experience.