Ancient Greece

Our topic this term will take us back in time. We will be focusing on understanding the culture, geography and legacy of the ancient empire. From language to the Olympics to democracy, the Ancient Greeks influenced how we live to in many ways and there were many significant people who are worth remembering.

Blueberry Class - Year 5

Our Superstar this week is Lauren. Our Headteacher Superstar this week is Maisy. Well done!

Our Week


This week we will be finishing our non-chronological reports about areas of Ancient Greece that interests us.  Feel free to do some extra research at home.


Make sure you're practising your times tables regularly! Don't forget to play in the studio on TT Rockstars.


Here are some recommended free apps to help: 


Here is the link for Grammaropolis:


Here is a link to the planets size comparison youtube video we watched:


Here is the Moon song. Can you keep up with the phases?



Reading: Read at least three times each week and receive a token to enter the reading raffle at the end of half term.

Also complete your reading comprehension homework ready for Wednesday.


English, Maths and Spellings homework: practise 5/6 word list in your reading diaries; practise regularly on TT Rockstars;
try the different website links on this page; learn something new.


Your spelling word list for this week can be downloaded here - 27.09.19


For spelling word lists, which can also be found in the front of your reading diary, you can download them here:

100 High Frequency Words,  200 next High Frequency Words,  Year 3/4 Statuary Word List,  Year 5/6 Statuary Word List

Useful links for learning at home:

Click here for the Mathletics log in.

Click here for the BugClub log in.

Click here to make your own Loop Cards

Geography: World Geography

Languages: this school webpage has first words in lots of different languages. Try learning some greetings to teach the class during our register:

Reading: Useful for inference practise -  

Also you can set up a free and fun language course on your tablet or computer with Duolingo, to really support your language skills: