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Our learning behaviours are: Make Good Choices, Learn Together, Stay Focused, Be Proud, Show Respect, Never Give Up.

What we have been up to:


This term, we have been looking at toys from the past! 

We had a toy museum in our classroom, full of old toys from a long time ago. Some toys were over 70 years old! As a class, we explored how these toys might be different to the toys we play with today.

We looked at the toys closely and carefully and  looked at the materials they were made from. We also discussed who we thought might have played with these toys. 


Pancake Day! 

We designed our own pancakes with our favourite toppings.

Using tennis rackets and bean bags, we practised our flipping technique!


Our Class Superstars:

Wriggly Nativity! 

Our Harvest Performance:

Our Curriculum

Traditional Tales 

Maths units: Multiplication and Division, Fractions, Position and Direction, Place Value within 100, Money and Telling the Time.

English: This term in English, we are going to be looking at a selection of traditional tales, including Little Red Riding Hood and the Three Little Pigs. We will be describing different characters through creating wanted posters and we will be writing some of these traditional stories in our own words.


Our Science unit this term is Plants. We will be identifying and naming a variety of common and garden plants, including deciduous and evergreen trees. Additionally, we will be identifying and describing the basic structure of a variety of common flowering plants including trees.

Throughout Year 1, we have been looking at seasonal changes. We have been observing changes across the four seasons. This term, we will be continuing to have a look at seasonal changes, in particular the difference between spring and summer.

HistoryWe will be discuss that Britain has a monarchy and understanding that this is different from other countries in the world. This is especially important this year with the Platinum Jubilee.

Geography: This term, we will be developing our map skills which includes recognising that a map is about a place and making simple maps and plans. We will also be naming and locating some places in their locality and begin to understand what a capital city is.

DT: This term in DT focuses on cooking and nutrition. We will be making a fruit kebab. By doing this, we will be describing the texture of different foods; highlighting the importance of cutting food safely; discussing why it is so important to wash hands and surfaces. Linking our cooking unit to the Platinum Jubilee, we will be making and decorating cakes in interesting ways to help celebrate this special celebration of the monarchy.

Art: We will be looking at Van Gogh and his famous painting: Sunflowers. Additionally, we will creating our own version of Guiseppe Arcimboldo’s piece of artwork that uses fruit and vegetables. 


We follow the Letters and Sounds Scheme to teach phonics. We recap phase 3 and learn phase 4 and 5 in Year 1. We have 5 phonics lessons each week which include reading, writing and playing phonics games.


Useful Links: 

Click here to see high frequency words taught in year 1.

Click here to see tricky words.

Click here to see the list of sounds that we learn.

Click here to see common exception words taught in year 1.

Click here for access to Phonics play. This is a useful website for fun phonics games.

Information for Parents

 PE is on Thursdays and Fridays. Remember to wear your PE kit to school.

Please bring in your reading diaries every day.

Please remember to bring in your blue spelling books every Friday, ready for your spelling test. 


Reading - Please read with your child at least 3 times each week. Remember you can earn your 50 reads, 100 reads and 200 reads certificates. You can also read on bug club. Please find your log in details on the second page of your reading diaries.

Click here to access bug club.

Spelling - New spellings will be sent home every Friday.  Practice these ready for the spelling test the following Friday. Try and practice writing spelling words in a sentence too, as this will help you learn them.

Maths - Practice maths on mathletics. You can log on to mathletics using your login details in the front of your reading diaries.

Click here to access mathletics.

For a list of recommended reads for Year 1 click here