Mulberry Class

Mulberry class have worked really hard so far this term, showing excellent learning behaviour and enthusiasm towards making progress and learning about our topic, 'South America'.

The class enjoyed our world book day activities and dressing up as book characters.

We have spent some time looking at e-safety and how to stay safe when online.  The children found this video very interesting.

We have also looked at a range of useful resources from the 'Think You Know' website.

The children have made South American tortillas with salsa and an enchilada recipe too.  

Year 6

We have been looking at growth mindset in our PSHE lessons and have found the following videos very interesting:

Meet your brain

Look after your brain

The children are really enjoying our South America theme and have discovered the countries of North, central and South America.

They have enjoyed writing adventure stories based around the high quality text, 'The Explorer' and have been busy creating their rainforest motorised vehicle in DT.

Mulberry Class

Our Superstar this week is Isabelle. Our Headteacher Superstars is Samuel.  

For spelling word lists, which can also be found in the front of your reading diary, you can download them here:

100 High Frequency Words,  200 next High Frequency Words,  Year 3/4 Statuary Word List,  Year 5/6 Statuary Word List

Useful links for learning at home:

Click here for the Mathletics log in.

Click here for the BugClub log in.

Click here for the TTRockstar log in.

Click here for the year 6 long term plan. - use this code to sign up for free: UKTWINKLHELPS

Please make sure you are doing physical exercise daily. Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson at 9 am every morning on his youtube channel 'The Body Coach TV'.

Check out ColchesterSSP twitter page for weekly activities to keep active.

Here is a link to Twinkl's home learning hub where you can gain access to a physical activity log and some 5 minute move workout cards.

A normal day at school:

 If you want, you can use this as a guideline but adapt it to suit you.

A morning activity (15min).  Often quick maths arithmetic e.g. Ninja Numeracy, TTRockstars,  

- Chat about the day ahead/watching and discussing Newsround

- Maths (1 hour)  - Break (15 min)

- English (1 hour)   - Lunch (50 min)

- Spelling (15 min) Each lesson in a week will focus on one of the following: Learn the pattern (Spellzone can help),  Practice the spellings (No Nonsense Spelling ideas help with this),  Apply (write the words in sentences. Online dictionaries and thesauruses help with this) and lastly, Assess (a quick, no pressure test at the end of the week to see which ones are sticking and which need more practise).

- Foundation subject (1.5 hours). This could be one of the project tasks set in the homelearning books.

- Reading (20 min)

Tasks To Complete at Home


We have been writing balanced arguments in English.  Have a look at the modelled example below and write your own balanced argument for a similar topic.  You could look into the use of non-sustainable palm oil by large companies or supermarkets.

Balanced argument example


 See homework sheet below and the statutory spelling lists (year 3/4 and 5/6)


 Please log on to Mathletics to practise work linked to our latest units.

We have just covered the year 6 ratio and proportion unit.

The Powerpoint below will support children's understanding of this.


The site above follows the scheme of work that we use in school and offers a daily activity with explanatory video for those units we'd be covering in school.


 We have been learning about Darwin's discoveries linked to evolution and adaptation.  Can you complete some research linked to this?  

We will be moving on to Carl Linnaeus - try the activity below:



Here are all the ideas for you home learning project.  Please complete these in the lined book that was sent home:

home learning.

 Homework can be downloaded here


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Jorja(less than a day ago)

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is going well at the moment. I am really enjoying all the homework! It is crazy in my house like a mad house ;] Hope to see everyone soon, Jorja xx

Tom Sowman(about a day ago)

Hi Miss Harker hope you’re well, I have been working on Ratio and TT Rockstars, mum said Thank you for the links, and I have started my Topic book too! This morning I have baked a lemon drizzle cake with my sister! See you soon, Tom.

Miss Harker(about a day ago)

A huge well done to Adam and Matthew - you guys have completed the most Mathletics of the whole class - keep up the great work! All login in requests and new spellings will be with you shortly.

Tracey Oram(less than a week ago)

Hi Mulberry Class, I hope you are enjoying your time at home! If you have no computer or printer please do not worry there are lots of other fun things you can do! e.g write a daily diary or a story, cooking with mum, while the sun is shining do some gardening or search for mini beasts. Take care everyone and stay safe. Miss Oram :)

Jorja(about a week ago)

Hello! Can I please have my Mathletics login? I can't find it in my reading diary. Thank you!

Eloise(about a week ago)

Hi everyone I hope you are all ok. I was wondering if there is a spelling sheet that we usually get every week on our class website? x

Miss Harker(about a week ago)

Well done Tom - I did this too; it was exhausting! Sacha - keep up the fabulous work. I've sent Marvellous Me messages with logins Atlanta and Oliver. Elsie - glad you're better. Stay safe everyone :)

Emma/Isla Nunn(about a week ago)

Good Morning Everyone!! We have been up at 9.00 with Joe Wicks which has been fun. Lots of Mathletics and Isla has started her project. Thank you so much for your sterling work Miss H and Mrs R, Isla is missing you already. Stay Safe x

Tom Sowman(about a week ago)

Hi, hope everyone is okay. This morning I did PE with Joe Wicks it was really fun. I did lots of sit ups, jumping jacks, squats and speed skiing etc. Hope to see you all soon. Tom

Atlanta Sheen(about a week ago)

Could I have the log in details for mathletics please? Thanks

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