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Mulberry Superstars:

Well done Mulberry Class, you are all Superstars! 

Our learning behaviours are: Make Good Choices, Learn Together, Stay Focused, Be Proud, Show Respect, Never Give Up.

Our Year 6 Curriculum

Our Topic
The Americas

What are Plants that Live in the Rainforest? - Answered - Twinkl Teaching

Our topic for the Spring Term is The Americas.

As part of this topic we will be learning about the countries in Central, South and North America. We will be comparing key characteristics of these countries including human and physical features, weather, land use and flora and fauna. We will be looking at climate zones and wonders of the world. We will be learning about the Amazon rainforest and how deforestation is affecting this. In DT we will be designing and making our own rainforest buggies. In art we will be looking at the work of Frida Kahlo and create our own rainforest animals out of clay.

Daily Life - The Maya Empire for Kids

As part of this topic we will also be learning about the ancient Maya. We will be looking at the development of the Mayan civilisation and the key individuals within this civilisation. We will finding out about the gods they worshipped, the games they played and the writing and number systems they used.

Our Science units this term are ‘Living things and their habitats’ and ‘Evolution and Inheritance’. As part of our living things unit we will be finding out about how living things are classified into broad groups, including micro-organisms, plants and animals. We will also be giving reasons for classifying plants and animals based on specific characteristics. Within our evolution and inheritance unit we will be recognising that living things have changed over time and that fossils provide information about living things that inhabited the Earth millions of years ago. We will also identify that living things produce offspring of the same kind, but normally offspring vary and are not identical to their parents. We will be looking at inherited characteristics and how animals adapt to suit their environment.

Evolution and Inheritance - Year 6 Science Resources

Our maths units this term are: Fractions, Geometry: Position and Direction, Number: Decimals, Number: Percentages, Algebra, Measurement: Converting Units, Measurement: Perimeter, Area and Volume and Number: Ratio.

Our English Units are: Adventure stories, Balanced argument, Survival story, Diary writing and Riddles.

Information for Parents

Start time: 8:45am

End time: 3:00pm

Monday and Wednesday are our PE days. Please come into school wearing your PE kit. Please ensure earrings are taken out and long hair is tied back.

Google Classroom

Here is a link to a video version of the log in guide emailed out with the children's log ins and here is another guide for parents to support their child using Google Classroom

Weekly Homework 

Complete the '5-for-5 Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar' test two. This should be timed to five minutes.

Spelling test will be on Friday 6th May. For a list of the spellings for this week click here.

Further grammar, punctuation and spelling activities can be found on bug club.

Here are some further spelling lists you could practise:

100 High Frequency Words,  200 next High Frequency Words,  Year 3/4 Statutory Word List,  Year 5/6 Statutory Word List

Read at least three times each week. 
Your number of reads will be added up every week so that we can reward you with a Bronze (50 reads), Silver (100 reads) or Gold (200 reads) badge.
Can you collect them all?

For a list of recommended reads for Year 6 click here

Feel free to use the revision booklets sent home this week to practise further maths activities. Answer booklets have been uploaded at the bottom of this homework section.

If you would like further practise of your times tables complete 30 garage games on TTRockstars.

Further maths activities can be found on mathletics.

Please see below for answer sheets linked to the maths booklets sent out during the last week of term.

Addition and Subtraction: Answers

Algebra: Answers

Fractions, Decimals and Percentages: Answers

Measurement: Answers

Multiplication and Division: Answers

Number and Place Value: Answers

Position and Direction: Answers

Properties of Shape: Answers

Ratio and Proportion: Answers

Statistics: Answers

Please see below for answer sheets linked to the Grammar Punctuation and Spelling booklets sent out during the last week of term.

Booklet 1: (Grammatical terms and word classes) Answers

Booklet 2: (Sentence, Phrases and Clauses) Answers

Booklet 3: (Verb forms and tenses) Answers

Booklet 4: (Punctuation) Answers

Booklet 5: (Vocabulary and Standard English) Answers

Booklet 6: (Spelling) Answers

Greater Depth Learning

Follow these links to find resources, activities and games for working at Greater Depth in:

        Maths              Reading             Science

        Study skills and learning to learn

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