Year 4 Curriculum Map


In our Geography lessons, we will be locating Counties of England and mapping using 8 points of a compass.  In History, we will be learning about the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age.  We will be investigating different artefacts, learning about Stonehenge and different types of jobs in the Iron Age.  In Art, we will be creating our own cave paintings and a Stone Age clay bowl.  In RE, we will be looking at Buddhism and Christianity.  In Music, we will be learning how to play the Recorders and looking at graphic scores.

Our Christmas Carol Concert

Cherry Class - Year 4 

Well done, Cherries! You are all superstars!

Information for Parents:

If you are working from home, scroll down to the end of this webpage to find the activities.

Everyday we start at 9am.  Monday and Thursday we leave at 3pm.  On Friday we leave at 1.20pm.

Our PE day is on a Thursday - You need to come into school in your PE kit on a Thursday.

Follow this link for the spellings set during the Autumn Term.

100 High Frequency Words

200 next High Frequency Words

Year 3/4 Statuary Word List 


Reading: Read at least three times each week. 
Your number of reads will be added up every week.
Bronze (50 reads), Silver (100 reads) or Gold (200 reads) badge.

Mathletic Login

TTRS Login

BugClub Login


Maths focus for Spring Term:

Multiplication and Division    Area    Fractions

English focus for Spring Term:

Narrative    Explanations    Persuasive Writing

Science focus for Spring Term:

Sound    Electricity

Our Harvest Performance


Click here to find some fun activities to do at home to keep you active. Click here to try some yoga. 

Click here for lesson ideas

Google Classroom:

Here is a link to a video version of the log in guide emailed out with the children's log ins and here is another guide for parents to support their child using Google Classroom. 

Please feel free to email me if you have any questions or concerns with using Google Classroom. 

If you are working at home, use the following activities:

A school day: 

Timestables(15mins), Maths(1hr), Break(15mins), English(1hr), Foundation Subject(45mins){RE, French, Computing, Music} or Reading(45mins), Lunch(50mins), Spellings/Handwriting(20mins), Foundation Subject(1hr15){Art, DT, History, PSHE, Geography, PE} or Science  

Week Commencing: 4th January 2021

Complete tasks set on BugClub, I have assigned -sure, -ture and -cher.

Monday: Non-Pupil Day. 

Tuesday: Similes and Metaphors 

Wednesday: Adverbs and Adverbial Phrases 

Thursday: Subordinating Conjunctions 

Friday: Coordinating Conjunctions

Week Commencing: 11th January 2021

Complete tasks set on BugClub, I have assigned -tion, -sion, -cian

Home learning: Monday and Tuesday

Monday Resources: Extract 1. Extract 2. Names. Worksheet.

Tuesday Resources: Extract 1. Extract 2. Worksheet. - Use this webpage to generate timestables questions.

Week Commencing: 4th January 2021 

Complete tasks set on mathletics and use TTRS daily, I have assigned these activities on Mathletics (Groups of seven, groups of nine, dividing seven, dividing nine, multiplication facts, multiply 3 single numbers and grid methods 1) 5 garage sessions on TTRS.

Monday: Non Pupil Day. 

Tuesday: Multiply 3 (1-digit ) numbers. Example. Sheet 1Sheet 2

Wednesday: Recognise factor pairs. Example. Sheet 1Sheet 2

Thursday: Recognise factor pairs. Sheet 1 (complete either Ch.1, Ch.2 or Ch.3). Sheet 2

Friday: Multiply a (2-digit) by a (1-digit) using expanded method. Example. Worksheet(complete either Ch.1, Ch.2 or Ch.3).

Week Commencing: 11th January 2021

Complete tasks set on mathletics and TTRS daily. I have assigned 5 garage sessions on TTRS. On mathletics I have assigned and reassigned multiplication and division activities for you all to complete.

Monday: Multiply a (2-digit) by a (1-digit) using expanded method. Here is a video to help you with the lesson.  Google search number generator: it should look like this.  Set min.1 and max.9.  Generate 2 numbers to create your 2-digit number and generate another number to create your 1-digit number.  Use the expanded method to multiply the numbers.  Create 10 questions. Challenge questions. Complete either challenge 1, 2 or 3.

Tuesday: Multiply a (2-digit) by a (1-digit) using pictorial representation. Here is a video to help you with the lesson. Here are the place value grids. Questions.

Week Commencing: 4th January 2021

We are starting a new Science topic this half term. 'Sound'.  For your science activity this week, I would like you to create a 'Sound' title page.  Create a spider diagram of what you already know about sound, e.g. vocabulary, facts, definitions.  Write down questions about what you would like to find out during this topic. 

Follow this link, to see which reading group you are in. Reading Groups.

Week Commencing 4th January 2021:

Purple Group (The Worst Witch): Look at the front cover and think about what the book may be about.  Write/say a prediction giving reasons for your answer.  Read Chapter 1 (link). Complete Task 1.

Blue Group (The Diary of a Killer Cat): Activity Sheet. Pages, 1-6. Flower Information Text.

Green Group (The Magic Finger): Activity. Book.

Yellow Group (James and the Giant Peach): Look at the front cover and think about what the book may be about.  Write/say a prediction giving reasons for your answer. Front CoverRead Chapter 1 (link)Complete Task 1.

Extra reading activities: Reading Booklet, Answer Booklet, Answers

Week Commencing: 4th January 2021 

PSHE: Making Choices. Activity Sheet.

Art: Have a go at creating your own cave painting. Cave Painting Information. (You could just use a plain piece of paper and a pencil if you do not have all of the resources). 

French: Before Christmas you were learning the French words for body parts. PowerPoint. Fill in gapsWordsearch

PE: Lesson 1, Click here to find some fun activities to do at home to keep you active. Click here to try some yoga.

Week Commencing: 11th January 2021

History 1: Go through PowerPoint, introducing the Stone Age.  Google image search: stone age artefacts and talk about what each artefact might be used for? Complete Artefact Worksheet.

History 2: Read through and order timeline.  Why do you think it is called the Stone Age? How long ago was this? What types of tools would they have used? Complete Weapon Activity Sheet. (I have uploaded this activity to Google Classroom for you to complete on there, to get your head around the new format). 

RE: Learn about the main beliefs held by Buddhist.  PowerPoint Presentation.  Use this template, to create a poster about the beliefs held by Buddhists. 

Computing: Find out information on the Inventors: Leonardo Da Vinci and Isaac Newton. Find pictures of them and their inventions. Save the images into a file on your computer, and then download them onto a word document.  Research: What did they invent? Why was that invention important? Write a couple of sentences answering these questions.

PE: Lesson 2. Click here for a timetable that you could follow to help keep active at home. There are some challenges you can complete and send in to win some prizes. (Scheduled to appear on Google Classroom on Thursday 14th Jan to complete). 

Autumn Term Spellings

Week Commencing 4th January 2021:

Red Group: calendar potatoes strength regular different creature furniture picture nature adventure

Blue Group: creature picture nature furniture adventure although describe forward breath question

Grey Group: creature furniture picture nature adventure accident believe popular certain quarter

Week Commencing 11th January 2021:

Red Group: invention injection action hesitation completion opposite promise weight caught forward

Blue Group: invention injection action hesitation completion actual increase February possess though

Grey Group: invention injection action hesitation completion decide island through consider fruit

You could practise your spellings and handwriting together.  Use this handwriting sheet to practise your handwriting. 

Follow these links to find resources, activities and games for working at Greater Depth in:

        Maths              Reading             Science

        Study skills and learning to learn

Our learning behaviours are: Make Good Choices, Learn Together, Stay Focused, Be Proud, Show Respect, Never Give Up.


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Scarlett Timms(less than a month ago)

Enjoyed French today and I did my spellings test. Baked banana bread and muffins this morning, strawberry and blueberry ones so I have been busy. Love Scarlett

Elizabeth Ellis(less than a month ago)

Hiya guys!, this week i really enjoyed the work and can't wait to see you all on video call next week! i really enjoyed art and science the cave paintings were really fun! :) ( thank you miss Atkins!!) hope you are all ok! Elizabeth xx

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On bug club I have done the activities but it doesn't disappear.

charlotte(less than a month ago)

Hi how is everyone today we are going to go for a bike ride and I have done my English and Maths.

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I have done my french now i am thinking of doing my cave painting.

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Today I have done my pshe work, my sound work, French, maths and pe, pe was fun with my little sister getting involved taking the socks out the basket.

Charlotte(less than a month ago)

Hi every one hope you had a nice christmas. Miss Atkins is there a answer sheet for todays maths reasoning questions please? I have nearly finished all the foundation subjects for this week. I just have to do the PSHE worksheet. Is there any more reading comprehension please.

Samuel Brace(less than a month ago)

Bug club doesnt have a finish button. But it has been completed.

SAMUEL BRACE(less than a month ago)

I have finished French and Science and I am now starting on my cave painting but I don't want to use my hands. : )

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I have been doing my English and maths work from the website, ive also started the worse witch section. Carmen x

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