On Safari


Our topic this term will be focusing on classifying and examining the life cycles and habitats of animals in Africa.  We will also look at traditional art from different areas of Africa, including batik from East Africa.  

We will be using what we learn on our safari and digital filming and editing techniques to create a documentary which will make David Attenborough proud.

For the Year 5 long term plan, click here.

Our trip to the Tiptree Library.

Blueberry Class - Year 5

Our Superstar this week is Riley. Our Headteacher Superstar this week is Shannon. Well done!


Please make sure you are doing physical exercise daily. Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson at 9 am every morning on his youtube channel 'The Body Coach TV'.

Check out ColchesterSSP twitter page for weekly activities to keep active.

Here is a link to Twinkl's home learning hub where you can gain access to a physical activity log and some 5 minute move workout cards.

A normal day at school:


If you want, you can use this as a guideline but adapt it to suit you.

A morning activity (15min).  Often quick maths arithmetic e.g. Ninja Numeracy, TTRockstars, Morningchallenge.com  

- Chat about the day ahead/watching and discussing Newsround

- Maths (1 hour)  - Break (15 min)

- English (1 hour)   - Lunch (50 min)

- Spelling (15 min) Each lesson in a week will focus on one of the following: Learn the pattern (Spellzone can help),  Practice the spellings (No Nonsense Spelling ideas help with this),  Apply (write the words in sentences. Online dictionaries and thesauruses help with this) and lastly, Assess (a quick, no pressure test at the end of the week to see which ones are sticking and which need more practise).

- Foundation subject (1.5 hours). This could be one of the project tasks set in the homelearning books.

Reading (20 min) 

See below for Home Learning ideas.


Let us know what you have learnt today. Is there anything you found tricky or something you want an extra challenge for? What have you enjoyed learning? What learning do you recommend to others?

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Harry(less than a day ago)

I am doing a maths paper which is so fun can't wait to sea you all again and hope you are having fun. About to do TTRS hopefully I can improve.

Gemma Curtis(less than a day ago)

The link on here for the primary stars doesn't seem to be working for us but we managed to get on it through google. I have sent Bethanys poem to them by email. [This is Miss MacGregor: Thank you for letting me know. I will check on that. Well done, Bethany!]

Miss MacGregor(about a day ago)

Well done for improving the vocabulary, Bethany. Keep going with TTRS. ___ Eila, that is great! So close to rock hero! ___ Lauren, congratulations! You should be so proud of yourself. ___ Maisy, I'm jealous. I wish I had someone to play football with. By the way, I think you should try the new English challenge. I think you'll like it. ___ Isabella, how lovely (and huge)! Can you find out about a red kite's life cycle or their food chain? You're very lucky. So far I've only seen pigeons. ___ CONGRATULATIONS! Well done, Joseph! That's amazing. All that hard work. Give yourself a huge pat on the back and I want everyone who reads your message to give you a giant marshmallow clap.

Kris(about a day ago)

I am 0.58 on ttrs now. What do we have to write for the punctuation for clarity? [This is Miss MacGregor: That's brilliant, Kris. Well done! Blueberry class are all very proud of you. For the punctuation for clarity, try to write your own examples, one sentence with the punctuation and another without. I have written them about the class but yours could be about anyone or anything. You could write some in a comment for me to check if you aren't sure.]

Joseph(about a day ago)

I am now a rock hero on ttr. I got 65 in a minute correct.

Eila(about a day ago)

I am now 1.12 on times table rock stars. Also, I made fairy cakes today and put marshmallows in them. They melted in the cakes and were all gooey. They tasted delicious and \i am going to write about them in my home learning book. [This is Miss MacGregor: I'm very hungry now that I've read that. They sound incredible. You could write a recipe for them. A year 5 recipe must include an introduction and lots of technical language explained in parentheses. I'm going to add recipe writing success criteria to our webpage in case you want to use it.]

Isabella(about a day ago)

Because I could not find any bugs, I went bird spotting instead! We saw a red kite! BTW, the red kite's wingspan is 175-179!

Lauren(about a day ago)

Just hit Rockstar on TTRockstars now 2.99 :)

Jenny(about a day ago)

Hi, Miss MacGregor. Times tables rock stars won't type in the numbers I give it. It just puts one single digit and it's been annoying me for a long time! [Miss MacGregor here: That is strange. Have you tried doing it on a different device? Also, try doing it slowly with someone else there watching as well to see if it is a typing error or a computer error. Try this and let me know. If it still doesn't work, I will see what I can find out online.]

Eila(less than a week ago)

I am now 1.17 in times table rockstars. Also I have drawn an African Grey Parrot today. This morning I did some activities on bug club.

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Tasks To Complete at Home

A daily checklist could include: physical activity (enough to increase your heart rate and get out of breath), spelling, times tables, some writing (fiction or non-fiction), maths arithmetic, reading including discussion about what is read, some project work or additional Maths or Enlish, a puzzle, Newsround.


Can you work out the meaning of both sentences? Read them all aloud and use your tone of voice to show how they are different. What is the important punctuation being used or forgotten? Can you come up with your own?
Punctuation for Clarity

Friday Family Challenge 1

Premier League Writing Stars

This week, they want you to work together to create a poem on ambition, dreaming big for yourselves and the world around you. 
To help you, they have a message from Cressida Cowell, the Waterstones Children's Laureate and author of the popular children's books How to Train Your Dragon.  Follow the link to see the video message from her.

New:Recipe writing

If you have done some cooking, why not write a recipe? 
Here are some example 
recipes (revolting recipe, chocolate apples, Victoria sponge cake) at a Year 5 standard. Here are some success criteria to help you remember what to include.


Use Bug Club to practise spelling patterns and grammar rules.  I set new games on 20.3.20.  Some of the games are tricky. If you feel like you haven't learnt about that part in school and can't work it out, leave it till we are back at school.

Click here to make your own Loop Cards to practise vocabulary. 

Here is the link for Grammaropolis: 


If you would like more writing tasks and activities, these (from Hamilton Trust) are great and include reading and grammar too:

Week 1:           New: Week 2:
Day 1
                        Day 1
Day 2                        Day 2
Day 3                         Day 3
Day 4                        Day 4
Day 5                        Day 5


Explanation writing
Read these and compare them:
The Development of a Frog

How Do Materials Change State?
How Does a Chicken Hatch?

What is similar? What is different? Write your own explanation about the human life cycle. Use the science information below to help you.



Read for at least 20 minutes each day and record the title of your book and the pages, in your reading diary.

You can finish your Focused Reading Comprehension Group book. Discuss it with others in your group if you can.

Useful for inference practise - https://www.ereadingworksheets.com/reading-worksheets/inferences-practice-04/ 


Spelling: New

Words spelt 'ei' after 'c' - Follow the link to help learn this pattern.

Your spelling word list for this week can be downloaded here - 30.3.20

Spellings will be updated on Monday 6.4.20

Use Spellzone to help learn and practise these and other spelling patterns.

Statutory spelling word lists, which can also be found in the front of your reading diary, can be download here:

100 High Frequency Words,  200 next High Frequency Words,  Year 3/4 Statuary Word List,  Year 5/6 Statuary Word List

Use these ideas from No Nonsense Spelling to help practise your spellings.




These are our top most improved rock speeds of all time:
3rd - Lucas     2nd - Shannon    and in 1st - Jenny 

These are our top coin earners (those who have been on it the most) over the last 7 days (29.3.20):
3rd - Kris      2nd - Sam     and in 1st - Austin

These are our top most improved rock speeds over the last 7 days (29.3.20):
3rd - Eila     2nd - Sam     and in 1st - Lauren


2. This is fantastic! Here you can find individual lessons about decimals and fractions, breaking it down into simple steps. There is a video lesson, activity and answers for each part.  Don't forget, if you find a mistake when you mark it, work out what you did wrong so you can learn from it.



1.  Multiplication and division. 
The aim is to build up to multiplying 4-digit numbers by 2-digit numbers e.g. 2938 x 23
Here are links and documents to help with this:

Multiplying 3-digits by 1-digit
Multiplying 4-digits by 1-digit
Multiplying 2-digits by 2-digits
Multiplying 3-digits by 2-digits
Multiplying 4-digits by 2-digits

See below for a video showing how to set this out.

You should also be confident with division of 4-digit numbers by 1-digit numbers
e.g. 1,524 ÷ 6   which won't give a remainder   or     3992 ÷ 5   will give a remainder.

Dividing 4-digit by 1-digit

Tasks have been set on Mathletics and keep on top of TTRockstars.

I will add work for our next unit (Fractions) later this week (23.3.20).


Make sure you're practising your times tables regularly! Don't forget to play in the studio on TT Rockstars.


Here are some recommended free apps to help your times tables: 

Click here for the Mathletics log in.


Here is the Ninja 9 link. Scroll down for the powerpoint with answers.




 We are learning about animals including humans. This covers life cycles and changes in the human body, including puberty. 

Here is a knowledge organiser about this unit.

Here is a powerpoint from Twinkl about life cycles - including some tasks about each type.

Here is a  powerpoint from Twinkl about puberty.

To help consolidate your learning, see the English section.

I will add more ideas for this unit and consolidation for others in the week beginning 23.3.20.

Science Consolidation: 

Here is a link to the planets size comparison youtube video we watched: 

Here is the Moon song. Can you keep up with the phases?


Foundation subjects:

The tasks in your project book cover many of the foundation subject objectives. Here are some others which you might enjoy:

Word Geography Games. A fun way to learn about our world
GeoGuessr.com A fun game to see how good you are at recognising a country's climate or landscape.

You can set up a free and fun language course on your tablet or computer with Duolingo, to really support your language skills: https://www.duolingo.com/

Search for coding in Twinkl for some good coding lessons.
Here is a link to the coding game Alexander showed us: https://codeme.club/

Museum websites offer lots of information about some areas. You could sketch, research and write about a certain historical artifact. You could find out about a historical event and write a diary as though you were there. You could make a timeline of events in a particular historical period.
British Museum - online collection 
British Museum - Ancient Greece
Natural History Museum


 Here is a link to the instructions you can use for the art outlined in your project book.


New: Here is another instruction sheet to help with making your mechanism.



Twinkl – sign up free:



This is how multiplication in Year 5 (4-digits by 2-digits) should be approached.  Can you narrate the video? Can make your own instruction video?

Our learning behaviours are: Make Good Choices, Learn Together, Stay Focused, Be Proud, Show Respect, Never Give Up.


Reading: Read at least three times each week. 
Your number of reads will be added up every week so that we can reward you with a
Bronze (50 reads), Silver (100 reads) or Gold (200 reads) badge. Can you collect them all?

Also complete your reading comprehension homework ready for Monday.