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Damson News


Welcome back to the Summer Term, Make sure you stay in touch via the comments on the website or through email. I will still be sending you a little daily Marvellous Me challenge so look out for it!

Stay safe and enjoy your learning at home.


BBC Bitesize have uploaded daily lessons for parents and children to access. If you would like to have a look and complete some of the activities then click here for the link.

Miss Oram's creative challenge!

Create a miniature garden in a tray using materials from your garden and small world toys.

To see the Long Term Plan for Year 2 click here.

    We teach Letters and Sounds daily in Year 2. Click here to see the overview of spelling patterns for the year.

We need to spell lots of words by the end of Year 2. Click here to see them and keep practising them until you can spell them correctly in your work.


 In Maths lessons we are working on  multiplication and division for the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. we have been using pictures, objects and making arrays to help us.  We will also be applying this knowledge to help us solve problems. 

Fast Maths

We have been practising adding two one digit numbers so we can become fluent.  We have been trying to beat our own score to show that we have improved and then we try to beat our own time to achieve a personal best.

TT Rock Stars

We have been practising our times tables in class and and are working hard to become fluent in these. Log in on the link below.

Damson Class - Year 2

You are all Superstars! Well Done. Stay safe everyone.

Look at what we have been learning in Damson class.

We visited Tiptree Library and looked at all the different books.  We also had great fun at Layer Marney Tower learning about the Great Fire of London.

Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure PE kits are in school on these days.

During the school closure...

Please make sure you are doing physical exercise daily. Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson at 9 am every morning on his youtube channel 'The Body Coach TV'.

Click here to see initiatives from Active Essex that support the whole family.

Check out ColchesterSSP twitter page for weekly activities to keep active.

Here is a link to Twinkl's home learning hub where you can gain access to a physical activity log and some 5 minute move workout cards.

Look at what we have been learning at home. We have been very busy!


A normal day at school

 If you want, you can use this as a guideline but adapt it to suit you. 

-  A morning activity (15min).  Handwriting - Practise letter formation and spelling common words.

  - Letters and Sounds (20 min) Each lesson in a week will focus on one of the following: Learn the pattern (Spellzone can help),  Practice the spellings (No Nonsense Spelling ideas help with this),  Apply (write the words in sentences. Online dictionaries and thesauruses help with this) and lastly, Assess (a quick, no pressure test at the end of the week to see which ones are sticking and which need more practise).

Maths (1 hour)  Break (15 min)

English (1 hour)   Lunch (1 hour)

Mental Maths (15 min)  A quick maths arithmetic to find addition and subtraction facts, multiplication and division and solving problems. e.g. Fluency Powerpoint for Spring Term

Foundation subject (1.5 hours). This could be one of the project tasks set in the home learning books.

Reading (20 min) Remember to practise reading a piece of text lots of times to develop fluency. 

Also talk about what you have read, discuss the sequence of events and look at the meaning of vocabulary. 

Extra Home Learning

Click below for extra work to be completed at home during school closure. Don't forget to go on Mathletics, TT Rockstars and Bug Club too. is a website created by experienced head teachers and features loads of engaging, creative and active tasks for children of all ages to try at home. There are lots of ideas for things that do not require a computer screen and can be done with minimal resources around the home. Take a look! 
STEM have released free online access to a variety of activities that include cross-curricular activities, Science, Maths, DT and Computing. Click here for the link. 

Have a look at this reading comprehension to complete here.

Here is a new Non-fiction reading comprehension added 31.3

A Mr Whoops spelling mistake spotter is here, this is great to practise those Year 1 and 2 words. Added 31.3

Here are some ideas to write about. There is an image and a question or idea. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops! Added 31.3

Here are some Common Exception word wordsearches - there are 5 of these in total to help your spellings. Number 1   Number 2        Number 3    Number 4      Number 5   

Zoo reading comprehension with ai spelling patterns to find here

Some worksheets using different conjunctions are here

Another creative writing pack with different ideas including a writing Bingo to choose from here

A reading comprehension with a poetry focus

KS1 Popping Punctuation Missing Punctuation Challenge PowerPoint to teach

Editable KS1 Popping Punctuation Missing Punctuation Differentiated Activity Sheets

Here is a sequence of lessons that can be used based on the following 2 books: Angry Cat and Hansel and Gretel.      Day 1 - conjunctions.   Day 2 - diary writing.    Day 3 - Baba Yaga comprehension and story map.    Day 4 - compare versions and character profile.   Day 5 - Hansel and Gretel story and diary.

Reading Comprehension- Paper 1 Reading Prompt and Answer Booklet

Reading comprehension paper 2 reading booklet and answer booklet. Mark scheme for paper 1 and 2 here  added 18/5

Here is a sequence of lessons that can be used based on the following book: Whale_Words_GR.pdf      Day 1 - adjectives       Day 2 - Biographies and Autobiographies    Day 3 - apostrophes    Day 4 - book review    Day 5 - verb tenses added 18/5

Click here for Maths ideas  There is a video link to explain how to do these.

We have been learning about fractions at school. White Rose have some great materials you can access here.

Fluency Powerpoint for Spring Term has Maths questions for quick Maths ideas

If you have been working on fractions look at the cold task that you did at school and see if you can answer these questions now.

Try a snakes and ladders game using facts for the 2, 3 and 5 times tables here

A Mystery at the Grand Portrait Gallery is a series of activities to help you solve a mystery here

A few Maths questions here in a booklet to keep you busy. Here are the answers if you need them.

The Missing Moji is a series of activities to help you solve a mystery here

Here is a Maths Addition and Subtraction booklet with lots of different activities to work through.

Some place value problems with 3 different challenge levels.

Maths place value problem finding different solutions

Maths reasoning quiz including Test 1 Script.pdf

Maths reasoning test 2 including Test 2 script   Added 18/5

A Maths Multiplication and division booklet with lots of different activities to work through.  Added 18/5

Multiplication activities - These can be linked to the White Rose Maths pages. There are 3 different challenges - 1, 2 and 3 with increasing levels of difficulty.      Day 1 The multiplication symbol         Day 2 Using Arrays       Day 3 The 2 x table   Day 4 The 5 times table,    Added 18/5

We have looked at materials in Science.  Here is a resource pack to help you Click here.

Here is a resource pack about plants to look at. I know lots of you have been planting seeds in the garden.

Here are lots of VE day activities and resources. Try to research VE day and why we are celebrating it on Friday 8th May. Create an information text showing what you have found out -

KS1 VE Day Differentiated Fact File has lots of information for you

KS1 VE Day PowerPoint has more information in a PowerPoint format

VE Day Diary Writing Template

VE Day Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity - 3 different levels

Design a VE day medal

VE Day Colouring Page

VE Day Word Search - I know you all love a wordsearch!

World War Two Timeline Cards - for information and to sequence

Wartime Recipe Booklet - for information or cooking

Have a go at cracking Morse Code.

Get Witham Reading

MP Priti Patel has set a challenge for children and young people across her constituency to read as many books as they can by Friday 3rd  July 2020.
Anyone participating in this challenge can email her office
with the list of books they have read and a short summary of which was their favourite
and why by Friday 3 July 2020. It would be useful if every entry has the child’s name, age and school included. Every child who participates will receive a certificate of participation and the winner of the most books read and best summary will receive a prize. Alternatively, if children do not wish to participate in this challenge, they can participate in Get Witham Reading by writing a book review or a poem and sending this to her office at

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Finn(about a week ago)

Good evening, Finn continues to want to know more about the pyramids and ancient Egypt so today we wrote some facts about Ancient Egypt. We then watched a video by national geographic for kids on the internet. We also spent some time learning about King Tutankhuman. We then moved onto yesterdays Marvellous Me challenge. Finn was able to remember all the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. We then spent some time looking at the continent of South America, looking at the physical features, the language they speak and also animals that can be found there. He then labelled this info on a map of South America. He also undertook a writing challenge....what Invention could change the world? He felt the world needed a power source that never ran out and wouldn't pollute the world . His idea is to use the sun to power the world but as the UK has cloudy days, like other countries, he thinks putting mirrors along the equator and bouncing the suns light off of them to the countries that need them would be a good way of getting energy. Have a great half term everyone.

Mrs Vanson(about a week ago)

Hi Damsons. I miss you all so much, but, it’s so lovely to read all about what you’re doing at home and seeing all your lovely pictures. You are such a fantastic group and I miss all your smiley faces . Keep working hard and stay safe with your families . Love Mrs Vanson x.

Finn(about a week ago)

Finn has over the past two days completed a 200 word writing challenge. He has also spent some time on maths and learning to tell time. He has continued to research the 7 wonders of the he was learning about the Pyramids and ancient Egypt. He watched a video online about them and also read about them from one of his books and a national geographic article online. He looked into their alphabet and has written his name in hieroglyphics. He has enjoyed this. We have also been on a bike ride and for a swim off the sea wall.

Finn(about a week ago)

Hello! Over the last two days Finn has spent time on maths, he has completed some fractions, tallying up numbers and converting numbers to tallies. He also completed the problem solving maths paper on the class page and the challenge sent on Marvellous Me. For English he's completed a 200 word writing challenge and spent some time looking at punctuation, spelling and grammar. For Geography today I set the challenge of researching the 7 wonders of the world. He first had to list them and then find out the following info about each one...Country/Continent, When was it built?, How big is it? and why was it built?. He used google and watched videos to get the info. He managed to list all 7 and complete the info for three of the 7. He was quite fascinated with the Great Wall of China and spent additional time mapping it across the country and finding out other interesting facts about it. He then built a his own wall out of leggo. He has really enjoyed doing this. For PE....We've introduced Finn to the ordnance survey map and he has been planning route for us to go on our bikes across public foot paths. We also went to the sand bar today in Goldhanger at high tide and went for a swim.

Finn(less than a month ago)

This week Finn requested to learn about the Amazon Rain Forest. I left him to his find out facts and he used his books and google to answer questions I had set. Finn has also been completing the challenges sent on Marvellous Me, today I think we finally cracked telling time. Finn has completed a few writing challenges. He has spent some time completing a KS1 grammar, punctuation and spelling book and KS1 Maths book - measuring, time telling and fractions. We also spent time in the garden carrying out science experiments including making a lava lamp and a fizz bomb. Finn also made a scented candle complete with sea shells we collected from the beach. Have a great weekend!

Mrs King(less than a month ago)

Your poem was lovely Leo. I have enjoyed looking at what you have been up to. I have also loved seeing your rocket photos Finley. It looked great fun! I hope you have found out lots of facts about the Amazon River, Evalynn.

Evalynn R(less than a month ago)

Hi all I've been very busy doing challenges from my grandparents.Nanny and Grandad teasers one was to learn about the amazon river.

Leo(less than a month ago)

This week leo has been enjoying some time in the pool.......ok..paddling pool. He wanted to do some baking , so we found a recipe and made some handsome peanut butter cookies. Today we learned about poetry, and leo liked the idea of writing his own poem making it a little more challenging by making it rhyme. He came up with some genuinely good lines and we put them together.

Finn(less than a month ago)

We havent posted in a while so to summarise; In Geography Finn has continued to learn about different mountain ranges of the world, which countries they are in, which continent they are in and their size. He has also listed all the countries he has been to, identified their capital city and drawn their flag...he liked Mexico flag because it had a rattlesnake on it! In Maths Finn has been working through problem solving questions which he has found quite difficult but when asked verbally he is able to complete the equation instantly in his head. We are going to keep working on problem solving. He has also been learning to tell time, fractions and other sums. For English he has been completing Mr Whoops spelling mistakes. He has also been writing some excellent stories. History: VE Day, Finn completed Morse Code, VE reading comprehension, the WW2 timeline and helped make jam, scones and decorate the house. Today; Finn returned to his learning with a fresh attitude, I think the phone call yesterday helped, so thank you for that. Today he started by writing where he could go if he could go anywhere. His trip sounds amazing, starting in Canada and working his way down to Brazil. He then completed some work on butterflies....He identified the ones we have been seeing on our walks in one of his books and has written facts about them. He then researched the worlds 5 biggest waterfalls, including their size and location. He was able to find where they were on his globe. We finished the day off with building a rocket. Finn was able to predict that under pressure the rocket would eventually lift of the ground. The rocket kit explained about Issacs Newtons 3 Laws which Finn liked. He googled these laws and watched a video on the internet. We finished the day with a long bike ride and a visit to say hi to the local horses.

Mrs King(less than a month ago)

Well done Thomas, you have found out some interesting facts. I'm glad you enjoyed it. How many places have you visited Evalynn? Happy counting!

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Let us know what you have learnt today. Is there anything you found tricky or something you want an extra challenge for? What have you enjoyed learning? What learning do you recommend to others?

Our learning behaviours are: Make Good Choices, Learn Together, Stay Focused, Be Proud, Show Respect, Never Give Up.


Reading - Please read at least 3 times at home each week.  We are also counting how many times we read at home to get our Bronze (50 reads), Silver (100 reads) and Gold (200 reads) awards. 

Don't forget to log on to Bug Club too so you can practise reading and answering questions with these books. Bug Club Link

Spelling - New spellings will be sent home every Friday.  Practise these ready for the spelling test next Friday. Try and practise writing spelling words in a sentence too as this will help you learn them.  Spellings are also displayed on our class notice board in the playground.  Keep practising these spellings and spelling patterns so they can be used confidently when you are writing. 

Maths - Play your Maths game at home and record how you did in your Maths diary. Remember to bring your game back to school on a Thursday. Don't forget to use Mathletics at home too, your log-in details are in your Reading Diary.    Mathletics link

Practise times tables for the 2, 5 and 10 tables. the link to TT Rock Stars to help you is here TT Rock Stars link