Spring Term 2021


Our topic this term in Year 2 is Beside the Seaside. We will be learning about human and physical features of the seaside and using a map to identify islands.  In History, we will be learning about holidays in the past and finding out what people did on holiday. We will also research famous people who were linked to the sea, such as Grace Darling.  In Science we will be looking at different habitats and finding out about where different creatures live and why.

Phonics Check

The children  have been practising applying  sounds in phonics lessons and have been reading real and alien words.  Practise sounding out these words. Click on the links below:

Real and Alien words 1

Real and Alien words 2


Big Garden Birdwatch 

Take part in the Big Garden Birdwatch to find the birds in your garden. It is from the 29-31 January. Click here for the link.



Damson Class - Year 2

Look at what we have been learning in Damson class.

The Nativity


We follow the letters and sounds scheme to teach phonics. In Year 2 we recap phase 3 and phase 5 sounds to help us decode words. We also look at different spelling patterns and practise these when during activities which include reading, writing and playing phonics games.

Click here to see the list of sounds that we are consolidating.

Click here for access to phonicsplay. This is a useful website for fun phonics games.


To see the Long Term Plan for Year 2 click here.

 We teach Letters and Sounds daily in Year 2. Click here to see the overview of spelling patterns for the year.

We need to spell lots of words by the end of Year 2. Click here to see them and keep practising them until you can spell them correctly in your work.

Our Harvest Performance

Well done to our Class Superstar and Headteacher Superstar this week.
Well done to our Class Superstar and Headteacher Superstar this week.

Remote Learning

Google Classroom

All of our remote learning is set on Google Classroom.

Please use your log in details to find out your learning for today.

Here is a link to a video version of the log in guide emailed out with the children's log ins and here is another guide for parents to support their child using Google Classroom 

Click here for a timetable for the week 11.1.21

General Activities

Try this reading comprehension. Remember to find the evidence in the text. Here is the booklet to record your answers.

Week beginning 5.1.21

Tuesday – Read the story of Angry Cat . Look at conjunctions, going through the Cat’s Clauses and Conjunctions  Complete Day 1 activities.

Wednesday – Re-read the story and then read the diary of Rat. Look at the features of a diary and write your own diary entries.   Day 2 activities

Thursday  -  Watch and listen to the story of Baba Yaga and the Black Geese. Answer  comprehension questions about the story, watching parts again if needed. Then use a story map to retell the story using some story-telling performance hints to help. Day 3 activities

Friday – Read the story of Hansel and Gretel. At the end of the story, read Griselda’s Diary and correct the punctuation. They write your own diary entry for either Hansel or Gretel. Day 5 activities

Week beginning  11.1.21

We are looking at a new book this week - Flotsam. The images are in a PowerPoint format. The children can gather words to increase their vocabulary and then use these in a sentence, with a modelled sentence for them to see. They can write sentences on paper, don't feel that you have to print it all out. 

Monday - Use this PowerPoint for images and sentences

Tuesday - Use this PowerPoint for today with images and sentences related to the story.


Click here to find some fun activities to complete at home.

Click here for some more fun activities to complete at home to keep you active.

Click here to try some yoga.

Week beginning 11th January 2021

Click here for a timetable that you could follow to help keep active at home. There are some challenges you can complete and send in to win some prizes.

General Maths Activities 

Here is a calendar of Maths activities that can be completed every day in January. See how many you can do!

Here are lots of Maths questions for you to try. How many can you get right?

Look at these different ideas to practise at home too. There are video links to help you.

Week beginning 5/1/21

Tuesday - Make amounts with coins  Money- Adding 3 Prices easier.doc     

Money- Adding 3 Prices.doc

Money- Adding 3 Prices Challenge.doc

Wednesday - Make amounts Make the total adding money.pdf

Thursday - Spending pocket money - Pocket money sheets.pdf

Friday - Problem solving with change - problem solving including change.doc

Week beginning 11/1/21

Monday - Recognise equal groups.. Look at this Powerpoint about recognising equal groups. Try these fluency sheets about equal groups. There are 3 levels so don't print them all out. E is expected, D are slightly easier and GD are the challenge.  If you have understood these try the problem solving questions too, remember you will need to find the right level for you as there are 3 different sheets and the answers.

TuesdayMake equal groups.. Look at this Powerpoint about making equal groups. Try these fluency sheets about making equal groups. There are 3 levels so don't print them all out. E is expected, D are slightly easier and GD are the challenge.  If you have understood these try the problem solving questions too. These are in the same style as yesterday's work. 


Find out about John McAdam  and the new material he invented from this powerpoint. Write fact files about what you have learnt using these writing frames. There are 3 different levels of challenge. Use this word mat to help you.


We follow SCARF for our PSHE (Personal, Social, Health, Economic) lessons. To access resources based on ME AND MY RELATIONSHIPS follow this link.

To view resources based on VALUING DIFFERENCE click on this link. 

Science 11.1.21

Look at the Powerpoint to see what is living, dead, or never alive. Look at these images and sort them into living, dead, or never alive. If you want to print them out, you could make them smaller or just talk about the images on the screen. Then try this activity sheet choosing different things and giving reasons why they are living, dead or never alive. Remember the life processes - what living things do.

PSHE 12.1.21

This lesson is all able using medicines safely. There is a story PowerPoint to read here and the last 2 slides have questions that could be asked, with suggested answers in brackets after them. The children could also write a list of rules about how to use medicines safely.

National Oak Academy

The National Oak Academy are an online learning platform who are providing video lessons linked to Maths, English and foundation subjects. They include video tutorials and quiz/activity sections which can be completed online. 


BBC Bitesize have uploaded daily lessons for parents and children to access. If you would like to have a look and complete some of the activities then click here for the link. 

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Miss Felgate(a couple of months ago)

Hi Primrose lovely to hear how you are getting on. Hope you enjoyed yoga!

primrose burmby(a couple of months ago)

morning miss felgate i have been doing lots and lots of work and daisys tate link too. i am doing yoga later with my mum x

Mrs Vanson(less than a year ago)

Hello Damsons. I just wanted to say goodbye and have a lovely summer to the most amazing class. I have loved working with you all , you’re a fantastic, hardworking group who are an absolute pleasure to teach and I know you will all do amazingly in year 3. I have loved reading about all the hard work you have carried out during your homeschooling and your lovely pictures always put a big smile on my face. Enjoy the summer now with your lovely families and I will see you around school in September. Thank you for making my job so lovely . Love Mrs Vanson

Evalynn(less than a year ago)

Hola everyone, cómo estàs? I keep persevering with TTRS + I'm looking forward to seeing you all Tomorrow at...MEET THE TEACHER!! Buuuuuuut... I'll miss you Mrs King and Mrs Vanson oh miss you oh so much. love Evalynn xxxxx ❤❤❤♥

Mrs King(less than a year ago)

Hello everyone, hope everyone is well. Great work Leo, well done.

Leo(less than a year ago)

Hi leo has been practising his writing doing the maths assignments and reading loads of books playing out in the garden alot and making loads of different things out of his Lego bits

Mrs King(less than a year ago)

Evalynn that sounds great, well done. Glad you have a new desk and helped to make it. Great DT!

Evalynn Ramsay(less than a year ago)

Hello everyone I have used my tools and helped daddy put together my new...DESK!!!!!! My old one Is now in my room so I can play. I thought it would be DT for school.

Mrs King(less than a year ago)

Bonjour Finley! Bonjour everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the French challenge this week. Finley your bindfolded turns sounded interesting. Do you remember when we gave instructions to walk a shape in coding and wrote them down as an algorithm? We did lots of quarter turns then too for other people to follow. Have a lovely week everyone. Au Revoir!

Finn(less than a year ago)

Good afternoon, Last week Finn did some excellent work. He completed the marvellous me challenges set. In addition he spent time on Maths, spelling and completing a reading comprehension. He also looked at and researched different deserts of the world looking at their location, how much rain they get each year and different animals that live there. Today he has had a good attitude towards learning. He spent some time completing Maths, time, fractions and looking a direction with regards to moving 1/4 turns clockwise or anticlockwise going forward etc. He said he didn't really see the point of completing the exercise so I blind folded him and gave he the instructions, he enjoyed this. He also completed another reading comprehension and a Mr Whoops activity. We then saw the marvellous me messages and Finn says, Bonjour!

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Let us know what you have learnt today. Is there anything you found tricky or something you want an extra challenge for? What have you enjoyed learning? What learning do you recommend to others?

Our learning behaviours are: Make Good Choices, Learn Together, Stay Focused, Be Proud, Show Respect, Never Give Up.


Reading - Please read at least 3 times at home each week.  We are also counting how many times we read at home to get our Bronze (50 reads), Silver (100 reads) and Gold (200 reads) awards. 

Don't forget to log on to Bug Club too so you can practise reading and answering questions with these books. Bug Club Link

Spelling - New spellings will be sent home every Friday.  Practise these ready for the spelling test next Friday. Try and practise writing spelling words in a sentence too as this will help you learn them.  Spellings are also displayed on our class notice board in the playground.  Keep practising these spellings and spelling patterns so they can be used confidently when you are writing. 

Maths - Play your Maths game at home and record how you did in your Maths diary. Remember to bring your game back to school on a Thursday. Don't forget to use Mathletics at home too, your log-in details are in your Reading Diary.    Mathletics link

Practise times tables for the 2, 5 and 10 tables. the link to TT Rock Stars to help you is here TT Rock Stars link