Beside the Seaside


Our topic this term is Beside the Seaside. We be using texts such as Flotsam and The Storm Whale to write stories and develop our use of language. We will also be looking at Non-Fiction texts about pirates to find out about them.

In History, we will learn about seaside holidays in the past and how they were different to holidays today.  In Geography we will look at aerial photographs of the seaside and islands and identify human and physical features.  

In Science we are looking at animals and their habitats, finding out what a habitat is and exploring different habitats, especially in our wildlife area.  We will also look at how animals get their food by exploring food chains.   

To see the Long Term Plan for Year 2 click here.

    We teach Letters and Sounds daily in Year 2. Click here to see the overview of spelling patterns for the year.

We need to spell lots of words by the end of Year 2. Click here to see them and keep practising them until you can spell them correctly in your work.


 In Maths lessons we are working on  multiplication and division for the 2, 5, 10 and 3 times tables. we have been using pictures, objects and making arrays to help us.  We will also be applying this knowledge to help us solve problems. 

Fast Maths

We have been practising adding two one digit numbers so we can become fluent.  We have been trying to beat our own score to show that we have improved and then we try to beat our own time to achieve a personal best.

TT Rock Stars

We have been practising our times tables in class and and are working hard to become fluent in these. Log in on the link below.

Damson Class - Year 2

Our Superstar this week is Max. The Headteacher Superstar is Evie.

Look at what we have been learning in Damson class.

We visited Tiptree Library and looked at all the different books.  We also had great fun at Layer Marney Tower learning about the Great Fire of London.

Our PE days are Wednesday and Thursday. Please make sure PE kits are in school on these days.

During the school closure...

Please make sure you are doing physical exercise daily. Joe Wicks is doing a PE lesson at 9 am every morning on his youtube channel 'The Body Coach TV'.

Check out ColchesterSSP twitter page for weekly activities to keep active.

Here is a link to Twinkl's home learning hub where you can gain access to a physical activity log and some 5 minute move workout cards. is a website created by experienced head teachers and features loads of engaging, creative and active tasks for children of all ages to try at home. There are lots of ideas for things that do not require a computer screen and can be done with minimal resources around the home. Take a look!


A normal day at school

 If you want, you can use this as a guideline but adapt it to suit you. 

-  A morning activity (15min).  Handwriting - Practise letter formation and spelling common words.

  - Letters and Sounds (20 min) Each lesson in a week will focus on one of the following: Learn the pattern (Spellzone can help),  Practice the spellings (No Nonsense Spelling ideas help with this),  Apply (write the words in sentences. Online dictionaries and thesauruses help with this) and lastly, Assess (a quick, no pressure test at the end of the week to see which ones are sticking and which need more practise).

Maths (1 hour)  Break (15 min)

English (1 hour)   Lunch (1 hour)

Mental Maths (15 min)  A quick maths arithmetic to find addition and subtraction facts, multiplication and division and solving problems. e.g. Fluency Powerpoint for Spring Term

Foundation subject (1.5 hours). This could be one of the project tasks set in the home learning books.

Reading (20 min) Remember to practise reading a piece of text lots of times to develop fluency. 

Also talk about what you have read, discuss the sequence of events and look at the meaning of vocabulary. 

Extra Home Learning

Click below for extra work to be completed at home during school closure. Don't forget to go on Mathletics, TT Rockstars and Bug Club too. 

Click here for Maths ideas  There is a video link to explain how to do these.

We have been learning about fractions at school. White Rose have some great materials you can access here.

We have looked at materials in Science.  Here is a resource pack to help you Click here.

Have a look at this reading comprehension to complete here.

Here is a new Non-fiction reading comprehension added 31.3

A Mr Whoops spelling mistake spotter is here, this is great to practise those Year 1 and 2 words. Added 31.3

Here are some ideas to write about. There is an image and a question or idea. Don't forget your capital letters and full stops! Added 31.3

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Mrs King(less than a day ago)

Well done yet again Finn, you are learning so much and I hope you're having fun too. It sounds great. Keep up the good work Lenny, remember how well you are doing and keep going. Have a great day Damsons.

Finley Martin(about a day ago)

Finn has had an excellent day. We have carried out science experiments to explore how clouds and rain are formed. Finn has summarized his findings by writing them down. Finn has also spent time doing mathletics today and also writing down in his math book adding in 3 & 5 from any number. It didn't take him long to see a pattern emerge and was able to complete the task quickly. Finn has spent time on his sea themed story today, finalising it, transferring it into his booklets and putting in drawings. He has had lots of fun carrying out his science experiments today .

Lenny Pullen(about a day ago)

Thank you for your message last week, was a well needed motivator and very sweet of you! We have been keeping busy, learning and having fun with a few strops in between :-)

Mrs King(about a day ago)

You sound like you are having great fun with learning Finn. Lots of Maths is needed when making cookies so well done. i hope they were delicious. Hope you all had a good weekend.

Finley Martin(less than a week ago)

Today we had a fun day! Finn had a spelling test which he got 10/10 on. We then did some baking making star fish cookies. Finn read the recipe to me and measured out all the ingredients. Finn then completed his underwater picture. He then spent some time on mathletics. He also demonstrated that he was able to count in 10s starting at any number. Have a good weekend From Finn and the rest of the Martin crew.

Finley Martin(less than a week ago)

Today Finley started off his day by writing an under the sea themed story. It has plenty of descriptive words and he was able to talk me through how you write a successful story, ie you need storey plots, strong characters and lots of descriptive words. Finley then did some science. He wrote up his experiment from yesterday and also recorded his findings for today. He noted that that although there was no changes with the seeds there was what appeared to be clouds (condensation) forming within the zip lock baggy. He then took a little quiz on what plants need to grow and was able to show he understood the terms germination and dormant. Finley then completed a series of fun tasks. He unscrambled the words so they were correct....all words were seaside/ocean related He completed a seaside word search. He then completed the reading comprehension from the link you provided. He did really well. He then spent some time on mathletics and then completed some of the math questions from the powerpoint presentation that you provided. We discussed and explored fractions which was interesting for both of us to do. It took some time to get the concept across but he didn't give up and seems to be grasping it by the end of it. We finished the day with some spellings and reading. Finn has also started, in his spare time, to keep a diary about his time in lockdown and everything that is going on with the coronavirus.

Mrs King(less than a week ago)

Well done Finley, you are a great scientist doing an investigation and predicting what might happen. Let us know what you find out. Emily, your day sounds great. I am also doing PE with Joe Wicks with my children. Keep this up, it is hard! But so good for us to be exercising. Enjoy your walks, there is so much to see and hear when we are outside. Have a great day everyone.

Emily Richardson(less than a week ago)

Over the last few days Emily has been very busy working on Multiplication, Division and fractions. We used the website twinkl to downloads worksheets. We do handwriting, reading and spellings everyday too. Emily has also researched 3 sea creatures and wrote interesting facts about them. She has also wrote sea creatures in alphabetical order and done a beautiful seaside picture. Every morning we start with the Joe Wicks p.e session which she really enjoys. Everyday we get outside for an hour long walk and talk about what things we can see on the way. Today she is making a Victoria sponge and unicorn cupcakes.

Finley Martin(less than a week ago)

Today Finn spent time on mathletics completing a series of questions. He then researched a second sea creature looking at their habitat, physical features and where they are in the food chain. Todays one was blue whale and he was able to recall from memory a series of very interesting facts! we have reviewed his spelling and punctuation after completion. We did some science today. We are conducting a long term science experiment. First Finn followed a set of instructions and was able to go on the computer, access a website and watch a video about what plants need to grow. He then was able to write a summary of the video and correctly label a strawberry plant diagram. We then selected four seeds; corn, courgette, sunflower and pea. We placed these on a dampen paper towel and placed them in a zip lock baggy. We are hoping to see what plants look like when they begin to germinate. We have also taken the same four seeds and have planted them in pots with soil. Our experiment is to see which plant grows faster and in which conditions they prefer to grow in. Finn had some excellent theories as to what will happen. He is going to write these up tomorrow and then on a day by day basis make a log/entry on what is happening with the seeds. We finished the day with some quiet reading. He has of course had plenty of fresh air today and football today

Tracey Oram(less than a week ago)

Hi Damson Class, I hope you are enjoying your time at home! If you have no computer or printer please do not worry there are lots of other fun things you can do! e.g write a daily diary or a story, cooking with mum, while the sun is shining do some gardening or search for mini beasts. Take care everyone and stay safe. Miss Oram :)

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Let us know what you have learnt today. Is there anything you found tricky or something you want an extra challenge for? What have you enjoyed learning? What learning do you recommend to others?

Our learning behaviours are: Make Good Choices, Learn Together, Stay Focused, Be Proud, Show Respect, Never Give Up.


Reading - Please read at least 3 times at home each week.  We are also counting how many times we read at home to get our Bronze (50 reads), Silver (100 reads) and Gold (200 reads) awards. 

Don't forget to log on to Bug Club too so you can practise reading and answering questions with these books. Bug Club Link

Spelling - New spellings will be sent home every Friday.  Practise these ready for the spelling test next Friday. Try and practise writing spelling words in a sentence too as this will help you learn them.  Spellings are also displayed on our class notice board in the playground.  Keep practising these spellings and spelling patterns so they can be used confidently when you are writing. 

Maths - Play your Maths game at home and record how you did in your Maths diary. Remember to bring your game back to school on a Thursday. Don't forget to use Mathletics at home too, your log-in details are in your Reading Diary.    Mathletics link

Practise times tables for the 2, 5 and 10 tables. the link to TT Rock Stars to help you is here TT Rock Stars link